Posted By: Robin <>
Thursday, 21 December 2000, at 10:06 p.m.

It was winter and the holiday season was fast approaching. People were hurrying here and there, finalizing travel plans, buys presents and goodies. Christmas was almost here and so was Hannukah and several other holidays that were celeabrated in winter.

He was alone. Alone by choice.

For the first time in over 4,000 years he was truly alone for the winter. Even if he wasn't with her he knew that she was alive and enjoying life. Even that winter they had frozen to death more time than he could remember, when there was a break in the storms she would look out of the mouth of the cave and point out something beautiful.

Methos smiled in spite of himself. Abigail had a way about her, a way of looking at the world and at him and seeing the good.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. Oh how he missed her. He had her Quickening but he still missed her. She was his rock, his comfort, his lover, his friend.

"Oh Abigail." he cried out, the tears unchecked on his cheeks. He rocked back and forth on the park bench.

"Mister." said a small voice.

Methos opened his eyes to see a small girl.

"The brown haired lady said to give this to you." she held out an old fashioned red rose.

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