Please read any attached warnings – there are some submissions which qualify in the “naughty” category (they are clearly marked as containing slash (homosexual relationships) or adult content – if the story doesn’t say it is slash or adult, then it is gen). All pairings of characters are welcome here. IDIC, my friends. We all have our likes and dislikes. Read the story descriptions and skip the ones that don’t interest you

The Original 2000 Challenge offered by Leah CWPack  

Write a short story or scene centering around a Highlander character that takes place during the Holiday season. Loneliness should be an essential element. How you choose to dwell upon, resolve or deal with the theme is strictly your choice as author. There are heartstrings out there needing to be tugged. Go to it.

The 2000 MWC stories 

Holiday Spirit by Ghost Cat   

The Lying-In by Wain

A Home For The Holidays by Titania

Solstice Reprieve by ShelBel MacViking

Alone by Robin

In the Cold Midwinter by tirnanog

Time and Tides by Leah CWPack

What Happened Next (sequel to Time and Tides) by VarReader 

The Christmas After by SBO

Solstice by Ysanne

What Child Is This? by vixen69

The Gift of Christmas by SwingGirl

Christmas Blues by LA-LA lander

Christmas Angel by HonorH the Arctic Wolfe

Come Home For Christmas by Jette

So This is Christmas by celticangel

The 2001 Challenge offered by Leah CWPack  

Write a short story, scene, filk song or poem centering around one or more Highlander characters and a frantic search for a forgotten, last-minute gift. Try your best for an element of surprise for the reader. (You don’t have to be a member/participant of the Holyground Forum in order to write a story for this challenge, by the way! If you feel inspired, just send your story along for the archive!)

The 2001 MWC stories 

Christmas Fear by JoMadge

A Pearl of Great Price by Wain

A Holly Jolly Christmas by Ann Wortham

A 2nd 2001 Challenge offered by Leah CWPack  

Your yuletide challege, should you choose to participate: Write a short story, scene, filk or poem about a HL character getting the 'perfect' present. Think outside the wrapped box! (You don’t have to be a member/participant of the Holyground Forum in order to write a story for this challenge, by the way! If you feel inspired, just send your story along for the archive!)

More 2001 MWC stories 

What Are Friends For? by LorMac

In The Bleak Mid-Winter by Palladia

Old and Wise by Storie

The Undertaking by Wain

Family Matters by bookmom

Duncan's Birthday by Gemma MacWench

Memory by Ysanne

Home for the Holiday by Leah CWPack

Lost and Found by SwingGirl MacSlow

An Immortal Gift by destiny

The Perfect Gift by Ghost Cat

The Good Thief by Wain

The 2002 Challenge offered by Leah CWPack  

“Naughty and Nice!” Your challenge, should you decide to participate: Write a short story or scene involving one or more of the HL characters during the Holiday Season. The following elements must be a part of the tale: 1)Santa 2)Ribbon 3)Ice Skating. (You don’t have to be a member/participant of the Holyground Forum in order to write a story for this challenge, by the way! If you feel inspired, just send your story along for the archive!)

The 2002 MWC stories 

Scarlet Ribbons by Palladia

Merry Christmas by Robin

No Contest by Ysanne

Many Things by Leah CWPack

The Blessing by Kushy

Rolled Into One by lynnannCDC

Silent Night -- Maybe Not by Genevieve Fowler

Honoring Old Friends by fom

Other Highlander stories 

Some Highlander Holiday Cartoons!

Click on thumbnail to see large version

Click on thumbnail to see large version

Gen Stories

Twas the Night Before Christmas by Mike Barlow With regards to Clement Moore (or Major Henry Livingston Jr. as some now say actually wrote the original)… a Highlander version!

Small Miracles by Celedon – There is a belief in some countries, in France in particular (IIRC) that all animals are given the gift of speech at midnight as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas and that the animals retain that power until the dawn. After that, they become mute again, only to make whatever sounds their individual species makes until the next Christmas comes once more... (If I am wrong as to the country, I apologize but it is a belief/legend in some parts of the world.)

For Remembrance by Leslie Fish Methos and Joe try to help Duncan find some peace after Connor’s death.

Settling Stones by Leslie Fish Duncan helps Connor’s son come to terms with the darker side of immortality. This story takes place after "Homecoming" (posted at http://freedom.tantalis.org), in which 'tis revealed that Connor is alive, disguised, a sorcerer, and living with Alexandra and John back in Scotland.

The Solstice Sun by Janeen Kelley Grohsmeyer In 1592, Connor finds an infant and a new reason for living. (includes Cassandra).

Christmas Wish by Guinevere the Whyte Duncan visits Connor and Rachel during Christmas, 1946. (PG)

Miracle on Hudson Street by Suzanne Herring Connor MacLeod has an encounter with a strange and fabulous Immortal on Christmas Eve.

An Immortal Christmas Story by Patrick Miano   Immortal encounters on Christmas Eve…

The Christmas Eve Kitten by Rach   Part of the thousand years universe not a sequel or prequel to anything much. A little piece of Christmas magic...

Christmas at the Mansion by Robin

Christmas in Donan Woods by Robin

First Christmas Alone by Iris Rose For Duncan, the loss of his beloved Tessa was heartbreaking, leaving him lost for a long time. How will he celebrate this first Christmas without her, how will he get through? What if one more time she is able to come back to him to help him heal?

Methos the Big-Nosed Immie by Leah and Annie A special cartoon and filk!

Christmas Hallmark Cards -- Highlander Style! by Leah Rosenthal The title says it all! Originally published in So Speaks the Hero #1.

Circular Logic by Leah Rosenthal A recent movie inspires Duncan and Methos to speculate about the nature of Immortals…

Up Near the Treeline by MacNair Richie Ryan is off on his own after the fight with Mako, leaving Duncan wrestling with a maze of anxiety and loss. A visit with his own mentor forces the younger Highlander to explore his thoughts and feelings about Immortal training. A story of teachers and students and the lessons they learn. This story is hosted at a great fan fiction site. Check it out for more stories: Daire’s Laire.

Holy Night by Vi Moreau On Christmas Eve, Richie Ryan finds himself fighting for his life, high in the South American Andes.  A different kind of Christmas story. This is an epilogue to Richie in Argentina by Vi Moreau and Suzanne Herring.

A Ghost of Winter's Past by Denise Underwood – Methos pays a family visit over the holidays. Crossover with Forever Knight.

True Colors by Ann Wortham – On the Winter Solstice, two old enemies meet by chance and learn a few things about each other. Duncan gets a birthday present he wasn’t expecting.

Slash Stories

A Beery Christmas by Ami What the perfect present is -- from Methos' POV. (Duncan/Methos)

Beautiful Day by Firedrake – Christmas with Methos and Kronos. Some snuggling, some kissing and presents. Romance, Slash (Methos/Kronos)

The Blacksmith's Daughter by Leslie Fish Part 9 in Leslie’s “Sins of Omission” series. The entire series can be found at Immortals, Continued, Leslie’s site. Joe, Methos and Duncan celebrate a quiet Christmas, Duncan traces Connor's first memories of Heather. Joe and Cassandra clean out the Second Sanctuary and come to some disturbing conclusions about the Quickening-power. (Duncan/Methos and Connor/Heather)

Hasten the Day by Leslie Fish Part 10 in Leslie’s “Sins of Omission” series. The entire series can be found at Immortals, Continued, Leslie’s site. Duncan celebrates Boxing Day (day after Xmas) with Joe and Methos, and hunts further in Connor's memories of Heather.  Joe confers with Cassandra about the question of Ahriman, and secretly plots to make some changes in the Watchers. Connor's ghost takes on serious reality. (Duncan/Methos and Connor/Heather)

Gifts Undeserved by Sheryl   Duncan and Methos during a particularly difficult holiday season. Implied Slash (Duncan/Methos).

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