A Home For The Holidays

Posted By: Titania <rthogan@gte.net>
Wednesday, 20 December 2000, at 2:48 a.m.

Richie stood in the softly falling snow on a bleak Seacouver night. The light from the storefront window bathed him in a soft glow. His eyes were full of wonder and awe as he watched the scene taking place behind the glass. The effect made him look much younger than his 19 years.

He knew he would be so embarrassed if anyone caught him spying on the couple in the store, but he couldn’t help himself. He was witnessing one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen and he would watch either until he froze to death or someone caught him.

Inside the store a beautiful 10-foot pine tree was being trimmed with strings of pearl, real holly and ivy, antique Christmas balls the most beautiful shade of crimson he had ever seen, and miniature brass instruments. At the top of the tree was the most beautiful Angel he had ever seen. She was at least a foot tall. Her robe was made of white silk, embroidered around the hem with pearls. Her wings were made of the finest most delicate material he had ever seen. He thought it was called gossamer but he wasn’t sure. And the literal crowning piece of this treasure was a halo of what looked to be pure gold. He had never seen so much beauty in one place.

People passed by him on the sidewalk, laughing and joking with one another. He envied them. He envied the people on the sidewalk but he especially envied the couple inside the store. It was so obvious that they loved each other. Not *in * love but truly loved one another. It was obvious in the way that they spoke toward one another. It was obvious in the way that they laughed and smiled with one another. It was most obvious in the way that they looked at one another. Richie sighed. He envied that couple so much, their nice store and their Christmas tree. Most of all he envied their love. Richie could only imagine what it must be like to love someone like that. Love someone enough to center your whole life around them. Maybe even love someone enough to die for them.

He bent down to pick up the small bundle that he had dropped to the sidewalk when he had wandered upon this wondrous scene. He hoped that Paul would let me crash at his place for a while. Paul’s mom always made him feel welcome and he almost felt at home there.

As Richie turned away from the store to resume his journey his eye saw a sign that said “Antiques. Duncan MacLeod proprietor.”. Richie made a mental note of the store’s location and started back on his way. He would return here again. He was sure of it.


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