Merry Christmas

By Robin

Posted By: Robin <>
Friday, 6 December 2002, at 12:05 a.m.

The day was just like it should be. It was full of fun, love and laughter. It was Christmas.

Ray watched as Cassandra did a perfect figure eight. He smiled at that thought and could see her staking with sharpened bones tied to her feet. She had been ice skating for years. At first it was a way to get around in the winter and now it was just for the joy of it.

She called to him and held out her hand. He skated to her and they danced across the ice. They moved as one and were enjoying themshelves.

Back at home they settled down in front of the Christmas tree. "I see Santa arrived while we were out." Ray smiled.

Cassandra laughed. "I knew knew him."

Ray grinned "I'm not surprised." then he leaned over and kissed her.

They spent the afternoon unwrapping presents and shared a lovely dinner.

Cassandra got up and headed down the hall. Ray started to get up. "Please wait there."

"Okay." he said. He sat and thought about his great luck that this woman loved him.

"Ray." she called. "come here."

He got up and walked into the bedroom, stopping at the door and was surprised.

Cassandra was wore the red gown he brought her and had a ribbon with bow wrapped around her waist. "Merry Christmas Ray."

He smiled and walked to her "Merry Christmas Cassandra." as he reached for the bow.

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