The Real Ghostbusters

Please read any attached warnings – there are some submissions which qualify in the “naughty” category (they are clearly marked as containing slash (homosexual relationships) or adult content – if the story doesn’t say it is slash or adult, then it is gen). All pairings of characters are welcome here. IDIC, my friends. We all have our likes and dislikes. Read the story descriptions and skip the ones that don’t interest you

Gen Stories

  Letters to Santa by Neetz

  The Beast that Came for Christmas by Sheila Paulson Winston's in the hospital, the Ghostbusters have a strange new vehicle, and Ray's lost the Christmas spirit.

A Little Christmas Spirit by Sheila Paulson Suddenly Peter turns against Christmas.

I'll Be Home For Christmas by Sheila Paulson Winston turns into a Christmas Grinch until the team is called upon to bust an unusual ghost.

  In the Bleak Midwinter by Sheila PaulsonRay's missing, there's a hole in the ice, and who is the woman in the cottage?

A Manhattan Christmas Carol by Sheila Paulson -- After a near miss on a bust, the Ghostbusters realize how much they value Christmas.

On Christmas Day in the Morning by Sheila Paulson A tag to X-Mas Marks the Spot. Egon muses on Peter's change of heart.

One Foggy Christmas Eve by Sheila Paulson The Ghostbusters encounter an unusual ghost in the fog.

The Christmas Spirit by Sheila Paulson The Ghostbusters are hired by none other than Saint Nick.

Upon the Midnight Clear by Sheila Paulson -- Egon volunteers to do a good deed on Christmas Eve that forces him to spend the holiday alone.

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If you’ve written a fan fiction story or poem centering around the winter holidays (Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukah, New Years, etc.) and you would like it archived here, please just send it to Annie at and ask me to add it to the archive! I would love to see this page continue to grow and expand over the years! All fandoms are welcome.

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