Please read any attached warnings – there are some submissions which qualify in the “naughty” category (they are clearly marked as containing slash (homosexual relationships) or adult content – if the story doesn’t say it is slash or adult, then it is gen). All pairings of characters are welcome here. IDIC, my friends. We all have our likes and dislikes. Read the story descriptions and skip the ones that don’t interest you

Gen Stories

Slash Stories

  Heroes: Norman, Meet Rockwell by Angyl & Rina City folks and country Christmases can actually mix - even when those city folks are from Gotham and the country Christmas is on the Kent family farm! Crossover between Smallville/Nightwing. Slash (Clark Kent/Dick Grayson)

  Heroes: Resolutions by Angyl & Rina The boys head to Gotham for Bruce's New Year's Eve Party and fun ensues. Crossover between Smallville/Nightwing. Slash (Clark Kent/Dick Grayson)

Kindness of Enemies by Aunty MIB This was written for a Winter Holiday challenge. This year the Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, happened in early December. This is strongly inspired by a fic called "It's All About the Happy #2" by Kel. I've asked permission to include references back to that story. The accent just came out when I tried writing a cold and pissed-off Whitney.

  Even Superheroes Need Holidays by Orithain & RinaSaving the world makes it hard to be home for the holidays. Slash (Clark/Lex)

  Snow Angels by Orithain & RinaThe guys’ first Christmas together. Slash (Clark/Lex)

  The Perfect Gift by Orithain & RinaClark gives Lex the present they both need. Slash (Clark/Lex)

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Archivist’s Note: The stories and vignettes offered here from various authors have not been edited or changed other than having a spell-check performed and being reformatted for this website. Some of the stories are linked from other sites. Please read any attached warnings as some of the linked stories may contain adult material.

If you’ve written a fan fiction story or poem centering around the winter holidays (Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukah, New Years, etc.) and you would like it archived here, please just send it to Annie and ask me to add it to the archive! I would love to see this page continue to grow and expand over the years! All fandoms are welcome.

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