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Stargate SG-1 Holiday Cartoons!

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Holidays at Jack's Place
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A Stargate Story!
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Teal'c's getting lots of coal this Christmas!
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Jack's unique approach to gift giving!
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Some Christmas Dreams do come true!
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Costume party time!
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Jack's unique approach to decorating!
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All wrapped up!
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Christmas Elves
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This Intergalactic Babe brought to you courtesy of Ankh

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Gen Stories

T'was The Night by Brenda Anders -- SG-1 spends a little time together during Christmas time.

  Cocidian by brihana25 It is December 21. SG-1 are held captive offworld - with one of their own seriously ill, and no hope of being rescued in time. Will they all make it back to the SGC? Or will they watch a friend die a million light-years from home?

Christmas Traditions by Anna It's Christmas !!!

Sint Nicolaas by BabsN Daniel visits a very special saint.

A Bike For Christmas by BadgerGater Christmas season comfort for Jack.

The Gift by BadgerGater Some gifts are unexpected.

Home for Christmas by BadgerGater Sara O'Neill recalls Christmas 1990.

Ties by Brionhet This story gimmick has been used a zillion times, but so what ;^) This piece is shamelessly sentimental--a real schmaltz fest. And completely self indulgent. And I don’t apologize even one teensy eensy weensy bit for it ;^) Happy, happy holidays to all of you.

On This or Any Other Planet by Carol S. Hammond orders the SGC to mount a massive search…

Sharing the Wealth by Catspaw Jack’s on the hook and he’s wriggling hard…

A Place in the Universe by CelticAngel Jack reflects on the team’s first Christmas together.

Saving Grace by Charli Booker For some people giving is easy. Receiving takes practice.

A Christmas of Past, Present and Future by Corine – Although this is a stand-alone, it might help if you've read Cassie's Christmas, When Sorry is Not Enough and Everybody Hurts, as I do refer to things happening in those stories.

Cassie's Christmas by Corine – Cassie doesn't want to spend Christmas with her family.

Tears In Heaven by Corine O’Neill is pondering on how to survive another Christmas.

O'Hole-y Nights by Crash   Jack ends up in a hole, in more ways than one.

O'Hole-y Nights, Part 2 by Crash   Christmas with SG-1.

Merry Christmas Everyone by Dawn T SG-1 volunteer to help out at NORAD at Christmas.

A Christmas Poem by DebiC An obvious attempt for a Christmas story.

Deck the Halls, SGC Style by DebiC A Christmas Filk.

Christmas Eve by Denise The challenge had something to do with SG-1 and NORAD. The rest is pure imagination.

Santa's In The Attic by Denise The only bad toys are toys that no one’s playing with.

It's Not My Fault! by Denise Never, never, never let men or aliens do the Christmas Shopping. It's Teal'c's first Christmas…

Oh Yes It Is! by Denise Revenge is such a sweet, sweet thing. This is a sequel to It’s Not My Fault!

Christmas Angel by Jackjunkie Daniel helps Jack celebrate a Christmas clouded by painful memories of Charlie.

Operation Christmas Tree by Jaz – An early SG-1 Christmas tale with plenty of warm fuzzies. More sap than a Christmas tree...

Of Weary Teams and Christmas Dreams by JDG Snippets of the Christmas story….in SG-1's dreams.

Comfort and Joy by Jeanine Where did Sam go during the Christmas party? Daniel/Sam.

Amid the Silence by Jmas Just the way I feel at the moment, our team belongs together. Unashamed schmaltz, live with it. <g>

And Bring Us Home Again by Jmas Winter chill, reflections the nature of family

The Gift by Jmas Gifts are more than just packages….

Ghosts of Christmas by Jmas SG-1 does “A Christmas Carol.”

Some Things Never Change by Jmas Getting Daniel back alive allows Jack to reassess the past few months since Daniel's return.

Practicing Christmas by JoAG An angsty H/C Christmas story.

At Christmas I No More Desire a Rose by Joolz A holiday wrestled into submission and the true spirit found.

The Twelve Stargate Days of Christmas by Katana A Christmas filk!

A Christmas Past by Kat H. Sam remembers a past Christmas.

In the Bleak Midwinter by Kaz Christmas… On his way to spend the holidays at Janet's, Daniel gets called upon to help someone in trouble.

Sugar Plums by Kira Daniel answers the phone. (well, he does!). Well, I saw the challenge to write about the tracking Santa program, and darn if my muse didn't say, "You must write!". So three hours later and eight pages, here it is <g>  There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this, although it has something resembling a plot. Go figure. I have taken great liberties with geography, protocols, and just about anything else that isn't like it ought to be in reality. Consider it KiraLand if it jars with your perception of reality.

Not a Creature Was Stirring by Lady Anne Daniel asks his friends to help him provide a Merry Christmas for a local group of foster kids.

Talking Turkey by Larissa Response to Christmas Challenge: Since everyone enjoys writing about food, it has to involve Christmas dinner... BUT it has to be an *unusual* Christmas dinner. No turkey and stuffing, no ham and pineapple. Something different that someone decides to cook for dinner for the holiday, and the team's reaction to this unusual feast. We need to have presents...someone gets a present they hate. But the giver obviously misread something and thinks the recipient will love it. How does the recipient handle this?.

Christmas at the SGC by Layton Colt A leader from another world makes an unusual demand.

Old Saint Nick by LD Steen Little Danny gets sick at Christmas.

The Christmas Gift by Lin The memory of a perfect gift is a gift in itself.

Days in December by Loui SG-1's activities (mostly Jack & Daniel) across four random days leading to December 25th

A Place Where Christmas Didn't Belong by mor_tru Jack remembers one Christmas Eve from his Special Ops days.

A Christmas Wish by Nancy Richardson Daniel is having a bad day and Jack tries to help.

Bound for Christmas by Neetz A little Stargate Christmas story for 2003! Daniel's a little down, but is in for a bit of a Christmas surprise.

Silent Night by Neetz What Christmas might have been like for an eight-year-old Daniel.

Dinner at Teal'c's Place by Ozymandia Response to Christmas Challenge: Since everyone enjoys writing about food, it has to involve Christmas dinner... BUT it has to be an *unusual* Christmas dinner. No turkey and stuffing, no ham and pineapple. Something different that someone decides to cook for dinner for the holiday, and the team's reaction to this unusual feast. We need to have presents...someone gets a present they hate. But the giver obviously misread something and thinks the recipient will love it. How does the recipient handle this?.

Let Nothing You Dismay by Sheila Paulson Let Nothing You Dismay was originally published in The Yule Tide 2. It's Daniel's first Christmas after Sha're was taken, and he isn't in the mood. It's also Teal'c's first Christmas ever.

Christmas Memories by Sheila Paulson Neither Daniel nor Jack feel particularly celebratory when they visit a planet about to celebrate Christmas.

Blink of an Eye by Pho A Christmas story. Part of the Virtual Season 6.

Christmas Present by Pho Christmas challenge.

Crystal Clear by Pho Off world at Christmas.

Star Light Star Bright by Pho Christmas wishes.

Snow and Promises by Raven Jack thought Daniel wouldn't have to hide any more... This story is a sequel to Loneliness.

"Holidays" by Rowan "The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten." -- Calvin Coolidge

To Everything There is a Season by Sazz Daniel thinks about Christmases past.

The Gift by sharilyn A rather different take on Christmas. Aftermath of a battle.

One Perfect Star by sharilyn Just one idea about how Jack might react to a Christmas with Daniel still ascended.

All I Want for Christmas by Tiffany May Harrsch Jack takes Daniel to the Christmas party.

Christmas Realities by Traci Sam finds the true meaning of Christmas.

The Best Christmas Ever by Wolf An abused little girl, SG1 and Christmas.

Scrooge O'Neill by Beverly Woolf A Christmas story that just kinda popped out.

Need a Little Christmas by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal Jack decides to do a little holiday decorating.

12 Days of a Stargate Christmas by Yum@ The title says it all!

Ship Stories

SG-1 Christmas Style by Aardvark and Anteater Christmas time and someone asks someone for something... Daniel/Janet and Sam/Jack.

'Twas the Day After Christmas by AC Sam/Jack friendship Christmas story.

Xmas List by Ally K What Sam wants for Christmas… Sam/Jack.

The Brightness of Christmas by Amélie Allard A couple of days with SG-1 at Christmas time... Sam/Jack.

Christmas Miracle by Anna Jack brings Sam some cookie sauce for Christmas... Sam/Jack.

Christmas Party by Anna Jack sees Sam very interesting clothing... Sam/Jack.

Rescue Me by Athena Have a jolly jolly jolly jolly Jollylicious Year!! Sam/Jack.

Empty Handed by Bauer Christmas is a time for giving - but what if you have nothing left to give? Daniel/Janet and Sam/Jack.

Mischief under the Mistletoe by Jena Bartley My response to the Sam/Jack Christmas challenge.

If You Ever Leave Me by Cindy and Tanja Response to challenge, requested by Cindy: Write a crossover with the X-Files. Sam, Jack and both Mulder and Scully attend a conference in Alaska. They go out for a drink afterwards and their car breaks down. They walk to the nearest village, but end up in the woods, being chased by bears. MUST include a Sam/Jack and Mulder/Scully romance.

I Saw Someone Kissing Santa Claus by Denise This answers the 2002 Christmas Challenge which had to have 1) Jonas, 2) Tinsel, 3) Sam and Jack Kissing, 4) No regs. Thanks to Ness for the challenge. For Sue. Sam/Jack.

Back Together Again by Faith It's the festive season and Jack is in his usual state of despair. Can he find the courage to visit the only person who understands his pain? Jack/Sara.

Christmas Reflections by Fulinn28 Sam reflects on her family during Christmas Eve services. (Sam/Jack).

Christmas Kisses by Amanda Hawthorn & Connie shih Sam and Jack try to hide their love without success!

Angels Among Us by H. Arla Jack A Christmas Angel grants the SG1 team their fondest wishes. Sam and Jack.

Christmas Eve and Twelve of the Clock by Josephine Sam’s not doin’ alright with her Christmas of white. Sam/Major Paul Davis.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Kaz It’s Christmas time and special things can happen. Daniel/Other.

Sweet Revenge by Marie Sam gets an idea during a meeting, and Christmas magic is in the air. Pairings: Daniel and Janet; Sam and Jack.

Who Needs Mistletoe? by Morgan )O( Christmas. Daniel. Janet. Snow. Sex. Not a lot of plot. Daniel and Janet.

Punched by Vanessa Nichols – SG-1 at a Christmas party. Sam and Jack.

Fallen by Vanessa Nichols – SG-11 have excelled themselves this time. A sequel to Punched (above).

Sam Carter's Christmas Diary by Wendy Parkinson It's Christmas Eve and Sam has a lot to do.... Sam and Jack; Daniel and Janet.

It Started With a Kiss by Wendy Parkinson This is my attempt at the S/J Christmas Challenge, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks go to Dee for answering my question about Rudolph! I'll be cautious and say I think the story probably rates as a PG 13. As far as I can tell there are no spoilers. All the stuff about mistletoe is genuine - can you believe I actually did research for this? I never knew writing fanfic could be educational...... :). Sam and Jack.

Gifts and Traditions by Phantom Chic Sam/Jack and Daniel/Janet fluff, hopefully humor.

The Gift by Ruralstar Sam is holding a Christmas party for SG-1. She wants Jack to come but “He doesn’t do Christmas.” Sam/Jack.

Albus Festivus by Sarae Its Christmas time. It’s Sam and Jack. What more do you need to know?   ;-) Warnings: some sexual inference. Sam/Jack.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift by Sarae Its Christmas time and SG-1 has a two week leave. Sam invites the team, Janet and Cassie to spend the time with her on a holiday getaway. Sam/Jack.

Blame it on the Punch by SG1StoryTeller Sam/Jack.

It's Christmas Time Again by Stargazer97 Jack muses on the possibility of a relationship with his 2IC at Christmas time with some help from Daniel. (Sam/Jack).

December 23rd by Suz It’s habit. Sam/Jack.

Mistletoe by Fiona Williams Danny has a Christmas party. Sam/Jack.

Slash Stories

A Christmas Conundrum by ALF Daniel has a problem to solve… Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Christmas Present -- or What the Dickens by Alphekka Jack fears he’s lost Daniel for good. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Quiet Christmas by Ami Jack and Daniel spend a quiet evening together setting up their Christmas tree. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Love and Sacrilege by Andrew Levy It’s Christmas and Daniel accompanies Jack to church. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

  Two Years by Angyl Christmas Fluff. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Mistletoe Mischief by Ankh Jack is determined to find out what Daniel has bought him for Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Walking 'Round by Aragorn Very short twisted Christmas music inspired humor. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Beautiful Light by babs Christmas Eve brings some realizations to Jack. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Finding Christmas by babs Jack finds Christmas offworld. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Home Fires Burning by babs No one should ever be alone for Christmas. Hint: My favorite Christmas song is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Warnings: Sentimental, but that’s the kind of gal I am. Slash (Jack/Daniel) – but just a hint of it, nothing explicit.

All Is Bright by Biblio Fate, fire and friendship push Daniel and Jack right to where they need to be. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Joy to the World by Biblio   So kiss me. (Warm Christmas fuzzies). Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The King of Wishful Thinking by Biblio The morning after Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Private Artist by Brionhet Jack and Daniel pick up some pieces. Part of Brionhet’s “Disconnected” series. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Very Feisty Xmas by Caroline Mullen Teal’c wants Christmas. Jack gives him Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Have You Been Good This Year by Caroline Mullen My answer to the xmas fic challenge on FDAS, it had to be less than 3000 words, have mention of snow a rubber duck and Hammond as either Santa or Rudolf. Oh, and vinyl <gg>. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by cassieopia Daniel has an unexpected Christmas visitor. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Sappy Christmas by Catspaw A Christmas party and some holiday sappiness. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Christmas Wish by Danvers   A Christmas Eve party brings Jack and Daniel to some realizations… Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Old Friends by DebiC Jack and Daniel have an unexpected guest for the Christmas holiday. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Twelve Days of Christmas by Jack O'Neill by DebiC It's Christmas time, for crying out loud! Jonas fans may get their feelings hurt a little, but it is Jack after all. Excessive Schmooshiness, and holiday cheer. Should be consumed with lots of spiked eggnog.  (It goes over better that way!) Slash (Jack/Daniel).

So This is Christmas by devra The meaning of Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Tinsel and Mistletoe by elfin Festive silliness. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

To Fall From the Stars by elfin LOADS of spoilers for end of season 5, start of season 6. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Secret Santa by elfin Jack changes Daniel’s Christmases forever. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Debriefing: Ho, Ho, Huh? by Eos Holiday spirit as only SG-1 can do it. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Jackarella by Gateroller In traditional pantomime style, our heroes Jack and Daniel go through their trials and tribulations and helped by their friends, find each other again, to live happily ever after. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Jingle Balls -- A Very Feisty Xmas by Gateroller What do they say at Christmas, goodwill toward men?  Well in this case it’s good will and a whole lot else between just two men. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Christmas Kiss by Geonn Sam and Janet share a special moment during the holiday season. Slash (Sam/Janet).

'Tis the Season by Gershwhen Holiday rituals lead to revelations. Slash (Jack/Daniel) – very romantic and sentimental; nothing explicit.

Family by Glenda One last mission brings Jack and Daniel something they never thought they would have: a family. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

All I Want For Christmas by Hathor FDAS Christmas Challenge: Hammond as Rudolf or Father Christmas, snow, a rubber duck and vinyl. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Fun in the Sun by Jae Kayelle The boys on vacation. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Everything by J. M. Griffin   What do you give the man who has everything? Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Every Other Tuesday by J. M. Griffin   Surely Jack has a housekeeper. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Giving Heart by JayEm Christmases past, present and future. For the bunny crew, the Z girls, the OS ladies, and so many others who have been so kind and supportive this year. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a brighter new year. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Broken Wing by JayEm Number one of what I'm calling the Angel series. This is a de-ascension based story - the saga of two guys in love, making the journey from friendship to some "bigger, grander thing" after one of them gives up the 'brass ring' in the name of love. Oh, and it's a Christmas story too..<g> Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Gift is in the Giving by JayEm Jack goes Christmas shopping, realizes archaeologists are really hard to shop for…among other meaning of life stuff. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Profoundest Fact by JayEm Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone." -Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude, 1950. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Caribbean Nights by Jessica Kou Jack and Daniel on an uninhabited island. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Home for the Holidays by John O'Connor Janet is planning a lonely Christmas at home. Slash (Sam/Janet).

'Tis the Season or Keeping the "X" in Xmas by John O'Connor Sam and Janet are busy getting ready for their first Christmas together. Slash (Sam/Janet).

Santa's Merry Men by Joy Snow; Santa; Vinyl; a rubber duck, and oh yeah, a little bit of Jack and Daniel at Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

This Christmas by KanDo Sam and Janet attend a Christmas party at Jack's and surprises abound. Slash (Sam/Janet).

Where to Hang the Mistletoe by Sarah Li   Very short pwp fluff, no sex. All the graphic stuff left to the imagination. Jack comes to Daniel’s for Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Christmas Present by Master Elayna PWP.  A piece of fluff and smut in the Stargate Jedi series. Summary: The Jedi’s first Christmas on Earth  Slash (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan and mention of Jack/Daniel).

Mistletoe and Wine by Morgan )O( Warnings: Angst and references to rape (just reference, not graphic description). Slash (Jack/Daniel and Sam/Janet implied and just a little Sam/Jack).

So This is Christmas... by Nessessitee   A Jack-Daniel First-time (but NO SEX) fic (for those that thought I'd never work those two men together again ;-D) and it has also a few moments between Sam and Janet (who are in an established relationship already). Slash (Jack/Daniel and Sam/Janet).

The Christmas Gift by Nessessitee Jack's beloved mother has died, and now it's Christmas time with his family. He invites the rest of his team along to share it with him, however it's only Daniel who goes. As Daniel meets the family, he starts to see a side to Jack that he'd never seen before.... Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Xmas Male by Margaret Newman Email, Ken and Wolverine dolls, sex in front of the fireplace. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

  Christmas Present by Orithain & Rina They were so busy not asking and not telling that they almost missed what was right under their noses. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Comfort and Joy by Ozymandia A Christmas snugglefic for Babs. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

One Christmas Catalogue Too Many by Ozymandia Title is from Captain Sensible's One Christmas Catalogue, officially the weirdest Christmas song on the planet. The first line is from Ovid. I wrote this at 3am; what do you expect, inspirations that make sense? ;) Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Ghost of Christmas Past by Mary Willing Prey   Someone remembers Jack and Christmas past. (Death story of a sort, be forewarned!) Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Soul's Desire by PhoenixE Jack and Daniel get a very special Christmas gift. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

One More Day by Quale Jack really only has one wish for Christmas… Slash (Jack/Daniel).

All Wrapped Up by Quale This story was inspired by the wonderful Jack and Daniel cartoon that Leah drew for me. It’s silly and short and the sex is only implied, so I suppose this is rated PG. You can see the cartoon right below this section (and it’s also reproduced on the story page). This is for Leah, even though she’ll probably never read it and she’d be much happier if I wrote a Sam and Jack story… Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Blue Christmas by Quinn Future Season. Not every holiday is bright. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Putting Up the Tree by Sharon Be careful of drawing conclusions. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Jingle My Bells by Sharon Things often can be what you suspect…This is a follow up to Putting Up the Tree and that short vignette should be read first or this one probably won’t make much sense. Notes:  Many thanks to devra and babs.  They make incredible cheerleaders. Then there’s Jude who re-structures all my weird paragraphs so they make sense, can’t thank you enough hon. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Walk in the Park by sideburns Just before Christmas, Daniel takes a walk in the park and finds the courage he needs. Warnings: Christmas sap ahead. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Holiday Surprises by Sistine Daniel receives a couple of surprises at Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

"Memories" by Stacy L.   The Christmas season brings back memories for Jack and Daniel offers comfort. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Merry Christmas, Daniel by Starblade Daniel and Paul have a quiet Christmas. Slash (Daniel/Paul).

Dressed in Holiday Style by Teand Santa Claus and a rubber duck figure prominently <g>. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Twelve Scenes of Christmas by Teand FDAS Christmas Challenge: Theme or title: Force of Habit. Must contain 1. A Christmas ornament 2. At the very least a mention of a tropical island  3. A habit.  4. the word 'zing'.  Now the list challenge also included 1. One of the team having a total hissy fit. 2. One of the team wearing something totally out of character. 3. A quote from the wizard of Oz. and 4. the word discombobulated. Because I'm a raving over-achiever, I covered all eight points and worked the habit theme to death…. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Elf Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by The Blonde Sheep What has Daniel been up to this Christmas. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

The Hockey and the Ivy (Now There's a Tale to Tell) by The Blonde Sheep What happens when a famous hockey star meets a clueless but gorgeous ‘kinda teacher’?. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

A Chanukah Miracle by Wadjet Daniel discovers that miracles do happen sometimes after all. Nothing graphic. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Snowfall by Yrye Jack and Daniel find comfort in each other at Christmas. G-rated. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Ximeria First Christmas for the guys might turn out better than Jack had hoped for. A sequel to Protected. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

Merry Christmas, Jack by zoodenizen It's a Christmas to remember for Jack when some secrets are revealed. (Jack/Daniel).

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