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Please read any attached warnings – there are some submissions which qualify in the “naughty” category (they are clearly marked as containing slash (homosexual relationships) or adult content – if the story doesn’t say it is slash or adult, then it is gen). All pairings of characters are welcome here. IDIC, my friends. We all have our likes and dislikes. Read the story descriptions and skip the ones that don’t interest you

Gen Stories

The Most Humiliating Time of Year by Ami – Simon’s got some bad news for Blair.

  Blessed are the Merciful by Arianna – Who is murdering homeless people in Cascade?

  "Time Out" for the Holidays! by Arianna – 2002 Challenge Story to use the following items/elements: a checkered apron, pecan pie, Toaster Strudel (TM), a trip to see The Two Towers, eggnog -- the *special* kind, Blair and/or Jim and/or any member of Major Crimes singing (or trying to sing) "We Are The Champions" by Queen, Christmas tree decorated with wooden ornaments, a squirrel.

  Who Shot Santa Claus? by Arianna – A friend of Blair gets into trouble.

  Come, They Told Me by LKY – A Christmas story.

  Santa Bandits by LKY – Just a little Christmas story …

Good Will by Lyn – After Blair is robbed, Jim sets about instilling some good cheer of his own.

December Sojourn by Jet – Dedication: To you all with prayers for peace on earth in the coming year.

Resolutions by Jet – A New Years story.

Tamed by Jet – The sentinel meets The Little Prince at Christmas time.

Lonely Christmas by Patt – Poem about how Simon feels after the divorce and being without his son on Christmas.

A Christmas Miracle by Sheila Paulson – It's Jim and Blair's first Christmas together, but Jim is playing the part of Scrooge.

A Snufflebear Christmas, or, Snufflebear Falls in Love by Pink Dragon– Christmas is coming, and Snufflebear falls in love. Jim/Blair. All grammar and spelling errors are Snufflebear's. I'll cop to the punctuation errors.

Gift of the Sentinel by Quiltaday– A Gift of the Magi story.

The Gift of Christmas by Suze777 and HLEmpress1 – Just a sweet Christmas story. Jim/Blair. Rated G. Really. Yes, we wrote a G story. <G> Yes, I *know* it's hard to believe, but it's true!

A New Year by Suze777 and HLEmpress1 – A short sequel to The Gift of Christmas- Simon visits on New Year's Day. Jim/Blair. Rated G. Yes, *another* G rated story. 

Slash Stories

  Gingerbread for Hanukkah by ainm – Jim and Blair and gingerbread men. Slash (Jim/Blair).

I'll Be Home For Christmas by akablonded – Slash (Jim/Blair).

Blue Christmas by Alleycat – Shades of Christmas-past come to haunt Blair. (No, this is not another rewrite of A Christmas Carol). Slash (Jim/Blair). This story has been removed from the net, but supposedly you may email for a copy.

Auld Lang Syne by alyjude – Jim is stuck in Canada on New Year's Eve and has only his own thoughts and memories to keep him warm. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Christmas Eve by alyjude – Jim is lonely - Blair doesn't live with him anymore but he thinks he should fix that. Post TSbyBS. Um, takes place at Christmas time. Duh. Slash (Jim/Blair).

  In Solemn Stillness Lay by alyjude – It’s Christmas Eve and a certain detective is playing Santa. This could be a companion piece to last year's Silent Night - but it's not a sequel, or anything similar. Slash (Jim/Blair).

One is a Lonely Number by alyjude – Wherein it's been four months since the boys got together at Lake Chelan, and now it's almost Christmas. Will Jim replace Blair's sold computer? Has the course of true love gone smoothly since we last left our guys? How the hell should I know? I just write the stuff. This story is a sequel to It's All In The Hips.  Slash (Jim/Blair).

Resolutions by alyjude – Slash (Jim/Blair).

  Silent Night by alyjude – It’s Christmas Eve but things are not as they seem in Cascade, WA. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Star Wars Revisited by alyjude – Jim shares New Year's Eve with us and we learn the part Star Wars played in Sandburg's past. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Wings 2 by alyjude – Slash (Jim/Blair).

A Quiet Christmas by Ami – Jim and Blair spend a quiet evening together setting up their Christmas tree. (Jim/Blair)

A Real Christmas Present by Ami – Blair gives Jim a gift that he can really use. (Jim/Blair)

Captains Aren't Always Right by Ami – Simon makes an assumption -- and an ass out of himself -- when he forgets one simple fact: Captains *aren't* always right. (Jim/Blair)

The Best Christmas Present Ever by Ami – Jim comes home to find that Blair is giving him something unique for Christmas -- himself.  (Jim/Blair)

The Gift of Love by Ami – Blair is depressed because Naomi's not coming for Christmas. Jim shows him that they are family. (Jim/Blair)

The Most Humiliating Time of Year by Ami – Simon’s got some bad news for Blair. (Jim/Blair implied. PG rated.)

The Twelve Murders of Christmas by Ami – The guys' Christmas holiday is disrupted by a serial killer with a really *interesting* MO. (Jim/Blair)

The Twelve Sentinel Days of Christmas by Ami – The Sentinel set to the tune of 'The 12 Days of Christmas.'

Chest, Nuts, Roasting on an Open Fire by Corbeau – A little winter holiday in the mountains for our boys. What could go wrong? (If you can't come up with 10 things in 10 seconds, you've been watching some other show.) Slash (Jim/Blair).

I Saw Sandburg Kissing Santa Claus by Corbeau – When one of their colleagues is felled by illness, Jim and Blair must take over a difficult assignment. Think ho-ho-ho. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Where the Love Light Gleams by Corbeau – Compare and contrast--our boys experience Christmas Past (1995) and Christmas Present (1999). Slash (Jim/Blair).

Santa Claus by Michka – Two little boys ask "Is there really a Santa Claus?" and get two very different answers. Pre-Slash.

Ghosts of Yentas Past by Fire Frog – Blair gets unwelcome visitors reminding him how to best keep his man. This story is a sequel to Nope. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Angel Look Down by Gena – Slash (Jim/Blair).

Christmas Bells, those Christmas Bells by Gena – Slash (Jim/Blair).

The Christmas Case by Gena – Slash (Jim/Blair).

I'm Screaming of a Cassie-less Christmas by Gena – Slash (Jim/Blair).

Christmas Wish by Susan Foster – This story is set in the GDP AU, and fits into the time line after Buried in the Past. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Sentinel Christmas by Susan Foster – Set in the GDP Series. This story comes after the events of Making of a Dark Guide, and those in the story curve of Be Sure your sins. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Home for Christmas by GreenWoman – Written for The Jim and Blair Christmas Song Challenge 2000.Blair is lost ~ Can Jim find him and bring him home for Christmas? . Slash (Jim/Blair).

Presents to Send You by GreenWoman – Jim and Blair exchange Christmas presents... Slash (Jim/Blair).

Cop Games 2: Cops and Kisses by Grey–  In this sequel to "Cop Games", Jim and Blair spend their first Christmas as a couple. This story is a sequel to Cop Games. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Through Your Eyes by Deana C Jamroz – A Sentinel and his Guide spend the holidays together. Slash (Jim/Blair).

The Greatest Gift by Jayd – Jim and Blair each realize that love is too precious to remain unspoken. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Songs You Know by Heart 5: Please Come Home for Christmas by JR – After a four month separation, Jim anxiously awaits Blair's return to Cascade for the holidays. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Naughty or Nice by KimAnne– Blair bakes and manipulates, and Jim sulks and gets suckered. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Mystery Gifts by Kylia – Someone is sending Blair mysterious gifts… Slash (Simon/Blair).

  Making Spirits Bright by LilyK – Jim, Blair and Megan get into the holiday spirit. Slash (Jim/Blair).

A Feast for the Senses by Lyn – Blair thinks he hasn't got a gift for Jim. Jim proves him wrong. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Christmas Presence by Martha Christine–  A small obsenad of a plot bunny that demanded expansion. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Ghosts of Christmas by M-n-M – The Sentinel version of "A Christmas Carol". Slash (Jim/Blair).

  Christmas Interruptus by MrsHamill – The clue bus finally makes a stop at 852 Prospect, but has to wade through a slew of visitors to get to the guys.  Slash (Jim/Blair).

All That I Wish For by Patt – Picture the Sentinel meeting It's A Wonderful Life and you'll almost have the feel of this story. It's a very sad, sweet Christmas story. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Baby, It's Cold Outside by Patt – Jim gets a hint from his Father about what a song could mean to he and Blair. Very sweet and PWP. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Christmas Without Blair by Patt – I don't do much poetry anymore, but sometimes I just feel like a funny one. This is one of them. So if you're looking for serious, you won't find a serious poem here. <g> Jim's thoughts about Christmas without his guppy. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Why Me? by Patt –  A fun Xmas story about two really bungling men who kidnap Blair and how they handle it. It's nothing but pure silliness. Slash (Jim/Blair).

  Set in Stone by Polly Bywater – Blair finds the perfect gift for Jim, and Jim finds the perfect words for Blair. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Merry Christmas, Jim! by Rainy Day – Slash (Jim/Blair).

Thirteen Christmas Traditions by Resonant – Jim and Blair's first Christmas Eve at the loft. Slash (Jim/Blair).

  Winter Wonderland by Rogue – Jim gets hurt and has to spend Christmas in the hospital. Blair shows off his excellent bedside manner. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Penchant by Sheryl – A Christmas PWP. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Blair of Nazareth: The Ultimate AU by Slashphemy – A spoof story! Slash (Jim/Blair).

A Sentinel Christmas Carol by Stacy LA Stronach – Jim has an interesting experience on Christmas Eve. Slash (Jim/Blair).

As the Sentry Turns by Toshua– It's New Year's Eve in Cascade and the Sentinel is on duty. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Christmas Sentinel by Toshua – Christmas Eve and a Sentinel is watching. Slash (Jim/Blair).

Adam Lay Ybounden by Merri-Todd Webster – A Christmas Eve stakeout has a better outcome than Blair anticipated. Slash (Jim/Blair).

A Great Miracle Happened There by Carol Zara – Jim learns a little about Hanukkah. Slash (Jim/Blair).

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