What Are Friends For?
By LorMac

A semi-trailer, tied with an enormous red ribbon, & a sleigh with reindeer perched atop, backs up into the driveway of Methos' abode.

As the lumbering vehicle grinds to a halt; Duncan, Joe, Ritchie & Amanda jump down from the cab dressed as elves; shivering in the icy chill, but smiling nonetheless.

"We desperately wanted to get the right present for our 5,000 year old immortal buddy & I think we've done it!!" Duncan proclaimed, proudly.

As the four good friends struggled to unlock the huge steel doors of the monster semi; Methos stood gaping with utter amazement at this ridiculous performance unfolding before his tired eyes. "What the hell are you guys up to now?!
It had better not be a load of sheep from Scotland, boy scout!" he shouted at Duncan, "or you'll be eating mutton for the next 100 years!"

As the doors of the massive truck swung wide & Methos peered in, there before him were cases & cases of......BEER!!! The grin that spread across the ROG's face was priceless!!

"Only my best friends could think of the perfect gift!"


LorMac, with a quickie...(~_*)

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