Christmas at the Mansion

By Robin

Methos awoke to the Buzz of an Immortal. He tensed for a moment, opened his eyes, focused then closed his eyes and relaxed. He was safe on Holy ground.

He heard the patter of little feet in the hall outside his bedroom. He rolled onto his back and pretended to be asleep. The bedroom door slowly opened and a small red head peeked around. Suddenly the door burst open and the eight year old redhead sprinted across the room and jumped in the middle of him.

"Get up Methos! It's Christmas morning!" she shouted.

Methos grabbed her and flipped her onto the bed, tickling her. Their laughter mingling. Then he flipped back over taking her with him, he hugged her to him and said "Good morning Jennifer." She smiled and kissed him good morning.

"You two are going to miss breakfast and no breakfast, no presents." came a female voice from the hall.

"No!" Jennifer cried, "Get up Methos!" as she scrambled off him and the bed.

Methos rolled out of bed and stood in his pajama bottoms. It was Christmas morning and he knew Jennifer would wake him.

Jennifer held her arms up and he bent down. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he caught her waist. As he stood her legs went around his waist. She clang to him like a monkey in a tree. Her head resting against his chest near his heart. He smiled tenderly. 'Christmas at Abigail's.' he thought.

He walked across the room and through the doorway, still carrying his precious bundle. As he entered the hall thee Buzz got stronger but ib a comforting way. Abigail stood smiling. "Happy Christmas Methos." her eyes glowing.

He stepped forward and kissed her. It was a kiss much different than the one he had received from Jennifer. A tender lovers kiss.

Jennifer squimed between them breaking the kiss and the moment. "Happy Christmas Abigail." he replied.

He looked down at Jennifer and said "Let's have breakfast."

She nodded, hitting her head on his chest, "And presents."

The adults laughed. "And presents." they agreed.

The two story mansion was beautifully decorated. Lights lined the circle driveway. Each window painted a different scene of the holiday. "Christmas at Abigail's." Amanda breathed as she drove onto the circle drive. She stopped the car and just gazed at the mansion. It was the closest thing to home since Rebecca's. Abigail always welcomed her with open arms. Abigail was one of the last old Immortals. At over 4,500 years old she had seen it all. If Amanda had to describe Abigail she would have to say "She is love."

The front door of the mansion opened and framed in the doorway was the stately Jean-Luc. Amanda smiled and drove around to the front walkway. Stopping the car and turning it off, she allowed Jean-Luc to open the car door. He helped her from the car and when she was standing said "Merry Christmas Miss Amanda."

"Merry Christmas Jean-Luc." she replied and gently kissed his weathered cheek.

Breakfast was served in the sun room and the weak winter sun did its best to oblige. Abigail, Jennifer and Methos had just sat down to crescents, jam, tea and oranges. Jennifer decided that the jam would look better on Methos' face than on her roll.

"You little scamp." he roared in pretend rage, "You will pay for that." He reached over and started tickling her.

Methos and Abigail felt the Buzz. Abigail smiled. "Happy Christmas Amanda." she called.

A moment later Amanda appeared in the doorway.

"Happy Christmas Abigail." it ended with laughter when she looked at Methos. "New kind of shaving cream?" she asked coyly.

Jennifer let out a peal of laughter.

"You think that is funny?" Methos growled grabbing her and pulling her onto his lap.

"Yes." she giggled as she placed her arms around his neck, "I love you Methos."

Methos hugged her to him, "I love you too Jennifer."

They had gathered in the library to open presents. Jennifer's pile was of course the biggest. Everyone on the estate had given a gift to Jennife. Abigail had made her a doll with some clothes. "We will make some more together." Abigail promised as Jennifer hugged her.

Amanda gave her a string of pearls. "A lady should always look her best." she told Jennifer as she placed them around the little girl's neck.

"I bought them." Amanda said looking at Methos. He grinned.

"I never doubted it." Abigail smiled. The adults all laughed.

Jennifer picked up a long thin gold box and climbed onto Methos' lap. "This is light Methos."

"Because it is a very special gift." he said quietly. He carefully pulled the end of the red bow. It slid undone and laid against the gold box. "Now open it."

Jennifer finished removing the ribbon and carefully opened the golden box. Inside lay a black velvet box. Her tiny hand caressed the velvet, "What is it?" she asked in awe.

Methos smiled "Open it." He picked up the gold box and emptied the contains into her hands.

She turned the black velvet box over in her hands. She Carefully opened it and the hinges squeaked softly. "Oh Methos, they are beautiful." she whispered.

"Well every Watcher need a good set of pens."

Jennifer hugged his neck tightly, "Oh thank you."

Later that night the adults were relaxing in the library in front on the fire. Amanda stood up, "I better go."

"You better count the silver Abigail." Methos looked at the brown haired lady beside him.

"She doesn't have to worry about me stealing from her again. I could take all her worldly possessions and I would lose something worth a lot more." Amanda reached over and took a hold of Abigail's hand, looked into her eyes, "Her friendship." Abigail smiled. and squeezed her hand.

Methos looked sheepish. Both women hugged him.

"Happy Christmas." Abigail said.

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