Christmas Fear
By JoMadge

(To the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the aisles
Knocking down displays
Through the mall they go
Panic all the way

How were they to know
Amanda's on her way
Thought she was in Switzerland
Now just an hour away

Oh, Duncan runs, Richie jumps
Joe's lost on Ebay
Methos says the decent gifts
Cost more than he will pay

Just half-hour to go
What are they gonna do?
They know their gal expects
Gifts big and bright and new

Nothing seems just right
Just the same old junk
Everyone heads to the barge
Collapsing in a funk

Oh, it's too late, what's done is done
It really is a drag
Our Christmas cheer will disappear
In rage and gripe and nag

A knock comes to the door
The lady has arrived
The guys greet her in fear
And empty-handed sighs

Surprise! 'Cause all is well
There was no need for dread
Amanda says, "Hey, my best gift's
You've all still got your heads!"

Oh, the day is saved, the cheer is back
Now they're all having fun
Christmas means that much more when

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