Christmas in Donan Woods

By Robin

Cassandra sat alone in her warm hut. The snow had fallen heavily that year, but the package had made it through. She opened the box carefully and inside lay several wrapped packages.

The first was long and slender. Inside a black velvet box lined with black silk lay a beautiful emerald and gold necklace with matching earrings. She smiled when she saw them knowing they were one of a kind.

The next packages contained something even more priceless. Herbs, herbs from Abigail's garden. Cassandra knew she would use them through out the year.

The last gift was a framed cross stitch sampler made by Jennifer. "How old is Jennifer now? Seven? No, eight." Cassandra mused, "Where has the time gone?"

The wind rattled the windows and door. Cassandra looked up and smiled.

"Merry Christmas Abigail and Jennifer. I wish you a day of love and laughter." Cassandra blessed.

Authorís Note:

Abigail is over 4,500 years old and has been Methos friend and lover. Methos has always had a bedroom in her home, no matter where she was living. She was also Cassandra's teacher after Cassandra escaped from the Horsemen. Cassandra and Methos do not know about their shared conntion.

Jennifer is from a family of Watchers. Abigail saved her however many greats grandmother 2,000 years age. So Abigail has been midwife to all the generations and Jennifer is the next in line to be Watcher. No the Watcher's Concil doesn't know about Abigail or the records.

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